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Excusive/Elite Walmart Mentorship/Coaching

Exclusive coaching on Walmart by me directly

- Refund to the same address an infinite amount of times

- Exclusive access to the ONLY working method of refunding Walmart right now. (Made by me and currently only known by me). Refunders use insiders.

- Private autobuyer which will buy your items for a 0%-8% fee. You can even ship directly to them every time, thanks to my method of bypassing address bans.

- No cancelations whatsoever. This is not normal methods such as "warm up your account with small purchases". Purchase a multiple thousand dollar order as your first order, no problems.

- You do not need to use your info when placing an order. Be completely anonymous if you wish. Place orders without getting a new/unbanned credit/debit card.

- Avoid paying sales tax on all orders and get an extra ±8% per order. That builds up very quickly!

- Bonus: A tool to search for empty homes near you if you do not wish to ship directly to the autobuyer.

- Bonus: Get an extra 23% purchasing power (on top of the ±8% purchasing power you get by avoiding sales tax to a total of 31% increase of purchasing power). With both of these methods, when most people would get $1,000 worth of goods, you would get $1,310
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

This is completely separate from the main plans and run by a different person. It is for people who are serious about refunding for income.

Due to the nature of this coaching, membership is extremely limited.

If you are interested, please ONLY message @squadbypass on telegram.

If you are eligible and receive a slot in the membership, I will let you know.


Slots filled: 5/10

Price increasing by $100 per slot filled

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