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With our mentorships, you don't have to navigate life's challenges on your own. Obtain knowledge and get mentored 1:1 by us who have been through it all going through trial and error, and now presenting only the fruit and canon material for you to take in and learn. 


Take your income to a new level and start hitting stores passively & automated!

Cut your expenses by STOPPING paying crazy fees to boxing/refunding/label pulling services. 

Start building a long-term module with us!

Whether you are wanting to get into ONLY white hat or gray hat areas - we offer both. 

Start by exploring below what mentorship suits you the best


Refunding / Social Engineering Mentorship

This Refunding/Social Engineering encyclopedia has everything you need pertaining to private terms, tools, and methods that work worldwide and are used In today's world of exploiting and manipulating the human firewall.


Amazon Cash-Cow Mentorship

Scale into a long-term semi-passive cash cow with our unique methods and 1:1 personal mentorship.

This is NOT wholesaling/dropshipping or any other OUTDATED schemes that barely work or are very hard to set up.

Whether you chose to refund or not there are massive profits in both scenarios!


Walmart Module Mentorship

This course will walk you through everything you need to know about building & scaling on Walmart, even if you have no experience with wholesale/dropshipping Walmart.

Get started right from your home.

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