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Refunding Mentorship


What is this Refunding Mentorship about?

Refunding is a manipulation technique that exploits human error and finding loopholes in company policies, deceiving the company into processing a full refund for your item with various methods while keeping your item. 

Refunding centers around your use of persuasion and confidence. When exposed to these tactics, company agents are more likely to take actions they otherwise wouldn’t.

Among many methods, you target specific emotions as emotional manipulation gives you the upper hand in any interaction. The agent is far more likely to take irrational or risky actions when in an enhanced emotional state. The following emotions are all used in equal measure to convince them -

  • Fear

  • Excitement

  • Curiosity

  • Anger

  • Guilt

  • Sadness

Nowadays, stores are vigilantly aware of "refunders" and as each day goes on all existing methods become outdated as they get oversaturated.  Companies must continually invest in research — so that they can protect against situations like Refunders or SE'ers. 
By learning how to play on human emotion and decipher long and tedious company policies you can develop your own unique methods to exploit company vulnerabilities, capitalize on crises to launch opportunistic attacks, distribute infrastructures and more. Sure enough, as soon as the World Health Organization named the global health emergency “COVID-19”, Refunders and SE'ers started to actively deploy opportunistic campaigns, taking advantage of local events and news.

Aside from refunding, as an add on we also teach you can also learn how to deceive the company by learning how to properly study them and gathering background information, and eventually infiltrating the company to become an "insider". As you may know as of 2022, we are in the middle of a global pandemic, and most customer service jobs are done remotely, which explains why so many Indians pick up the phone when you call the company. 

This is where <h4>Access Tailgating Attacks</h4> come in. You may ask what that is? 

Tailgating, or piggybacking, is the act of trailing an authorized staff member into a restricted-access area. Attackers may play on social courtesy to get you to hold the door for them or convince you that they are also authorized to be in the area. Pretexting can play a role here too.

Tailgating attacks rely on social engineering because they use an understanding of psychology to manipulate people into taking specific actions. Typically, attackers exploit kindness or complacency to follow authorized users into restricted areas. 

Become your own PRIVATE insider, and learn how to be fully anonymous and apply with stealth overseas information online, pass-through job interviews, learn each customer service tier refunding limits and abilites, and how to get promoted to higher status to increase abilities, push your own orders through while being fully masqueraded and disguised as a persona that you will submerge yourself into. 

Please note: this is not included in the regular mentorship and is an add on which is seperate.

Stop paying crazy fees to refunders! Be your own refunder.


✒️This mentorship covers all the fundamentals of refunding or social engineering.
it includes all the knowledge and most up-to-date methods that top-tier refunders use and covers literally EVERYTHING there is to refunding OR social engineering.
Not the BS methods like boxing, DNA, FTID!

We provide top-tier quality and personal 1:1 support

- Avoid loss prevention team from catching on, protect your identity, avoid police reports,

- Avoid submitting evidence of damages or recycled items,

- Succeed even if you signed for your order, save your failed refunds, save denied claims

-How to cancel carrier investigations, discover private stores to hit by learning what to search for in companies' Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and much much more.

Even if you are an experienced refunder we assure you will take out much useful insight from this mentorship and learn plenty of new things, after all, we learn something new every day. 


It’s all very very detailed explanation, and we can guarantee you that you’ll be making ATLEAST $2,000/week within 2 weeks of starting if you follow everything correctly.

By refunding one order alone, you ALREADY profit up. 

You also get access to a community where students discuss strategies to go even further beyond with these methods.

We also include -

📖 How to Sell your Refunded items WITHOUT revealing your OWN identity & avoid getting taxed for profits by IRS (or tax agencies for other countries)

📖 Refund your favorite stores. Monopolize accounts, and build empires with 5 accounts at once per store and refund simultaneously on them.
This mentorship is suitable for EVERYONE & can be done WORLDWIDE! 

📖 Aside from the mentorship we also offer: Private Methods, 1:1 Stealth Setup, Scripts (when they get released) & More. There is a whole new world to explore!


Social Engineering Mentorship


When you hit a Google search with social engineering as the keywords, there will be countless pages returned, with the majority of sources defining It as obtaining confidential Information such as usernames & passwords, bank account details and so forth, or Infecting computers with malware with the Intention to gain remote access and steal sensitive data from the PC In question. All that relates to the boring old-school SEing consisting of (but not limited to) "pretexting", "tailgating", "spear phishing", "quid pro quo", "phishing" and the rest of the names that someone happened to somehow manifest with their fanciful Imagination.

Each of the quoted terms above, are simply a gateway to access the target and regardless of their meaning, they all pertain to one thing: "manipulate the victim to perform an action that they're not supposed to do". That's the true meaning of social engineering, no matter what the SE'er Is aiming to achieve. In terms of a more sophisticated type of SEing, named "company manipulation and exploitation", It's not as simple as making a phone call for a few minutes or so and grab someone's credentials thereafter- there's a lot more involved to achieve the objective at hand. Things like Investigations opened, police reports filed and returned, statutory declarations be signed and dealing with stubborn representatives who refuse to budge, all add to the complexities of the attack vector.


If you're not well-equipped to effectively handle every obstacle that comes your way and most Importantly, always be one step ahead of every question, request and concern thrown at you by the rep/agent, then your SE may well and truly come to an end. As an Intermediate or advanced SE'er who's been hitting companies of all shapes and sizes, you'd know precisely what I'm talking about and on-topic of this mentorship, you'll also be aware that for the most part, It can be an arduous task to deceive the rep Into "crediting your account with a refund", as opposed to having a replacement Item dispatched. 

That's where our mentorship comes In. We Introduce you to methodologies on how to manipulate any company Into Issuing a ''advanced replacement'' or ''refunds'', by using a calculated approach as to "why sending back the item cannot be personally accepted" and also "the reasons It's not suited to your circumstances", which essentially leaves an advance replacement as the only alternative. Do note that this mostly relates to technology-based products that require some type of functionality to operate, but I've also added a couple of topics that apply to just about any item of your choice. 


Social Engineering aka ''SE'' is the next big thing closest to refunding. It revolves around manipulating companies into obtaining product replacements. 

Every product has a warranty on it. Companies then ship out to you brand new product replacements for FREE. These are called warranty replacements. 
However it's not that easy, allot of companies expect the product to be sent back to them, which obviously you are unable to do.. or have very strong verification processes to prove you actually have the product, or need to the product to be sent back to them first. 

This is where Social Engineering aka SE comes in and allows you to obtain FREE products without upfront payment from companies like DeLL, HP, Logitech and more! FREE Products that are worth thousands of $$ with no upfront payment. That is the main difference between SE and Refunding!


(price for each add on varies)

 x Live SE'ing on-call/ teamviewer/ screenshare,  Live tips from me to you on what to say/do in X situation, personally mentor you with the SE, help with gathering documents/proof needed.

 x VERY detailed document of how every SINGLE method works in SE, all the SE terms explained, understand which method is suitable for your SE, and how to apply these methods on PRIVATE companies.



Mentorship Vouches



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