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Amazon Cash-Cow Mentorship

Start a long-term sustainable semi-passive cash-cow business on Amazon. 

This is NOT one of those courses that are about dropshipping / wholesale or any other outdated schematic that barely works or is super hard to set up, in fact, you don't even need to go through

that rigorous process of setting up an Amazon Seller account and going through loads of verification as you WON'T be needing a seller account AT ALL! 

Start making profit within a week OR get a full refund, no questions asked! 


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What you'll learn

Utilize Amazon to its fullest extent, with or without refunds start making reliable income with minimum effort.

Putting in short and simple terms, you obtain high demand / hype products such as Apple items , Xbox , PlayStation's & more for 22% LESS than retail value. 

To further dissect this and put it in more simple terms, here's a good example of how this will be working -

You head over to and see an Apple Ipad listed for $500. You obtain that same Apple Ipad DIRECTLY from Amazon for 385$. That's a $115 profit right off the bat from just ONE item.

Now imagine the numbers if you scale this even further.. that's potential TENS OF THOUSANDS per month by simply buying Apple Products or any other high-demand item. 

Now here's the best part!


🏷️You are dealing with high-demand products meaning you DON'T need to spend day and night tirelessly searching for the right products to start off with! You get a pre-made list of products that changes almost every week to updated products that you need to obtain. 

Please note: NOT following this product list will void the money-back guarantee!

🛒 Deal directly with ONE and ONLY one private automated customer, that buys EVERYTHING on the pre-made product list and pays in BTC (that is why the list gets updated, so you can keep selling without effort automatically!) 

Keep in mind that payout is ONLY in BTC! We do NOT offer an exchange service to other cryptocurrencies!

🔏 Even though this is only working for you do NOT need any USA documents or payment information, and you can remain almost 100% anonymous while utilizing this module. 

💰 For 122% profit ship directly to the auto-buyer and refund your orders as Amazon is currently one of the hottest stores to hit, however, this slightly complicates the process since you would need to refer to our bypass guides to keep ordering and refunding whereas WITHOUT refunding the orders you can use the SAME account but for up to a max of 22%  profit, which adds up very quickly! 

✔️ Avoid paying taxes to the IRS and stay completely under the radar as you are making income in BTC! 

We provide lifetime support and 1:1 mentorship.  

Get started today! No need to spend hours setting up, researching, and so on and make profit UNDER a week or get a FULL refund no questions asked! 

Currently, we are not looking to saturate this niche too much which is why we are releasing only 25 slots in total. After every 5 slots that get filed the price will automatically increase by 99$

If you are looking to join, but need some time reach out to us so we can work something out.

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